Non-minecraft Projects


Commander Trump

Use you military skills as Donald Trump and arrest you enemies! Use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to shoot. Required kills to win in Normal mode: 12, Kills for Hard mode: 25, Endless mode: It's does not end (until you die). Download today!.


Nine to Five

Nine to Five is an open source game where you are an office worker who is being promoted to CEO, but must pass some tests. You become CEO, but your promotion does not go unnoticed. Made with GameMaker. Here is the Project Folder.


Hearts of Iron IV Scenarios

Some HOI4 saves from my two main games. Take them out for a spin! Germany has taken over almost all of Europe! What will you do? After the end of WWII, tensions in the world have risen to the point where the Allies and the Comintern duke it out for control over the world! Have fun with them!